Seattle Yacht Club Kiteboarding Course Races

As an introduction to kite racing, Adam Koch will host a free clinic at Urban Surf on Wednesday, October 7th at 6pm. We will be taking registrations and talking more about the upcoming races. Everyone interested in racing is encouraged to attend

We will be using the EXPERIMENTAL KITEBOARDING COMPETITION RULES. Please check them out.

The first races will be held on October 17th and 18th on Lake Washington in the Magnuson Park vicinity. The Saturday skipper's meeting will be at noon, following the Magnuson Park Cleanup effort.

Register via email to [email protected].

Racing jerseys will need to be ordered early next week in order to get them here in time, so early registration for the first event is appreciated. They will cost $25 dollars each, but can be used for all future races. If you already have a jersey from the St. Francis races, please let me know.

Andy Koch
Event Chairman
[email protected]